Innovation and Quality in Urban Music Recording in Barcelona

Welcome to MPC Estudio BCNan oasis of creativity and technical excellence in Hospitalet, Barcelona. Specialising in the vibrant urban music scene, we offer a full range of recording, mixing, mastering, music production and audio editing services. Our studio is not just a physical space equipped with the latest technology, but an environment where passion for music is translated into every project.

Our History: Roots in Urban Music

MPC Estudio BCN was born out of the desire to offer urban artists a space where their talent and vision could flourish. From our humble beginnings in Hospitalet, we have grown to become a benchmark in urban music production, always maintaining our commitment to innovation and sound quality.

Exceptional Services for Extraordinary Results

Recording: We capture the essence of your music with state-of-the-art technology. Mixing: We balance and perfect each track to achieve a flawless sound. Mastering: Our mastering provides the finishing touch, ensuring clarity and presence on any platform. Music Production: We collaborate in the creation and development of your musical ideas. Audio Editing: Every detail counts, and our meticulous editing ensures perfection in every note.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Our Hands

At MPC Estudio BCN, technology is not just a tool, but an extension of our creative skills. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to explore new sonic frontiers and bring your musical projects to life with unparalleled quality.

Online and Remote Services: Your Studio, Wherever You Are

No matter where you are, our online and remote services give you access to our expertise and resources. With seamless communication and a tailored work process, we bring the MPC Estudio BCN experience to your home studio or anywhere in the world.

Urban Music Specialists

We understand the subtleties and dynamics of urban music. Our projects reflect a deep knowledge of genres such as hip-hop, reggaeton, trap and more, ensuring that your music not only sounds good, but resonates with your audience.

Why Choose MPC Estudio BCN?

Choosing us means opting for a personalised approach, exceptional sound quality and a unique experience in music production. At MPC Estudio BCN, you don't just record music; you create works of art that last.

Work Process and How to Book

Your journey to a successful project starts here. Book your session with ease and discover a collaborative working process focused on your artistic needs.

Gallery of Projects and Clients

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Discover the wide range of artists and projects that have trusted MPC Estudio BCN to take their music to the next level.


Join the family of satisfied artists who have found in MPC Estudio BCN the ideal place to bring their musical projects to life. Contact us today and start transforming your dreams into sound reality.


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