Your Rap Studio in Catalonia: Raise your Flow!

Recording studio rap Catalonia

Where Rap Comes Alive

Welcome to the heart of Catalan rap. Here, in our specialised recording studio, the deepest lyrics and the most powerful beats merge into an urban symphony that resonates with authenticity.

Rap and Urban Music Specialists

You have the rhyme. We've got the beat. Specialising in urban music, we are the rap recording studio that every emerging artist needs. Our experience ranges from the most traditional basics of rap to the latest trends in trap and other urban genres.

High Calibre Production, Mixing and Mastering

You want your music to not just sound, but to make an impact. Our passionate and expert team is dedicated to delivering meticulous music production, ensuring perfect mixes and mastering that stands out on any platform.

For Rappers with Vision

We understand your ambitions. We know you're looking to not just record, but to make your mark. That's why our mission is to work with you, the artist committed to your art, to take your sound to the next level. With us, every beat, every line, every flow becomes a bold call to the rap scene.

Investing in your Musical Legacy

We offer an innovative yet accessible space for emerging talents with moderate budgets. It's not just about recording; it's about investing in your career and musical legacy.

Open Invitation for Rappers

If you have a passion for rap and the determination to excel, we're waiting for you. You won't just be part of a recording studio, but part of a community that lives and breathes urban culture.